Monday, March 29, 2010

Do you have a green thumb?

Its that time of year again where my thumb starts to itch and turns green....well that just sounded silly. anyways, I really do get excited when planting season is just around the corner. I have a beautiful little garden in my backyard that I just cant wait to tend to. I find gardening very peaceful and rewarding...kinda like my own babies that I get to watch grow, fuss and care over. I love planting out doors during the warm summer days. I don't stop there, I also have an indoor herb garden, they are very easy to take care of and you can have fresh herbs all threw the winter months, plus they are a wonderful decoration as well.

Here are some items that I found browsing the Plants and edibles on Etsy:

Worlds Away-Kit by Etsy shop: Augury

Just Moss by Etsy shop: MissMossy

Garden Markers by Etsy shop: Monkeysalwayslook

Purple Cornflowers by Etsy shop: Azuredandelion

Japanese Bonsai by Etsy shop: Timtierney



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Break Giveaway!

So here you have it, the long awaited giveaway from my shop...;)

With Spring break only being a day away for us here in Winnipeg,
I have decided to have a giveaway, spring themed of course!

You will receive a super yummy set of 6 Spring Envelopes, 6 Note cards, 4 Clothespin magnets, 2 Bookmarks and 6 Envelope seals...whew...thats a bunch of goodies!

Here are the pics of everything you will get:

And here is what you have to do...;)

In order to enter please visit Bellaflowers Etsy shop, Check it out then come back here and leave a comment about your favorite item. This is mandatory, Please do this before any additional entries. And Please leave your email address in the comments so I may contact you if you win....;)

Additional entries:

Follow and tweet about this giveaway including @bellapaper in the tweet.

Become a follower of my blog (just hit the follow button on the left and leave a comment with your email on the left.

Create a blog post on your personal blog about the giveaway with a link so I know you did it...;)

I will let do its magic and choose a winner on April 1st...and no it wont be an April fools joke...;)

Have fun...I know I did putting this together!


Friday, March 19, 2010

Vintage Fashion Friday

I am so happy today is Friday...What a long week I had.

I am going to keep Fridays the same and post some of my fav Vintage finds On

I love vintage, and for those of you that don't know, I also have my own vintage shop on Etsy that you can check out

These are just a few of the many items I am in
love with at the moment:

Playskool Mailbox From Etsy Shop Retro2gogo

Owl Lamp From Etsy Shop Luxestarling

60s Green Halter Top From Etsy Shop Lightyearsvintage

Matryoshka Dolls From Etsy Shop Jasmine2010

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Waste Not Wish List

The theme I chose for this Wednesdays wish list is waste not, Or at least waste less.
Some of the changes I have made are easy and have saved me a ton of money.

For instance, I no longer use plastic bags, I always have fabric bags on hand in the car and that alone saves me 5 cents per plastic bag that some stores now charge.
I now use fabric lunch bags and sandwich bags...that has saved me tons of money. I used to go threw so many of those little plastic baggies that my boys take to school for lunches.

Fabric napkins are a favorite of mine and in my house we can never have to many...;)

Recycling and reusing is a big part of our everyday life.
What are some of the things you do to waste less in your home?


Cherry Napkins By: Onceagain

Wasted Edition Print By: Nicholasbartle

Towel House for unpaper towels By: Madeintheredbarn

Reusable Sandwich Bag By: WasteNotSaks

Car Litter Bag By: nstitches4u

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Whats For Supper Mom?

Whats for supper tonight Mom? I look at my watch and think to myself...its only 7:30 the heck should I know.

I don't mind cooking, I rather enjoy it. But I really wish they would of told me before getting married and having children that this would be a life long commitment of keeping my family happy with the meals I choose. Nothing sucks more than when your child tells you supper is gross, and when you look over at your husband for reassurance, he wont even look at you.

So I battle every day with the question "Whats for supper Mom" and my reply is Food or some days pooh on a stick...yes I really say that. I went with the make a menu thing and that lasted for 2 weeks...boring...everyday of the week was the same...blah.

So what do I do now....nothing! I stopped stressing about it all and started to get creative with the food I buy. You don't have to spend a fortune on a meal to feed a family of just have to be creative in what you make.

For example: Nachos are a super-fast supper idea. Place a pile of tortilla chips in a shallow dish. cooked ground beef over top, add shredded cheese and place in oven till warm. Top with sour cream, if desired and don't forget the salsa!

Little Pizzas are so much fun to make, get the kids to help they will love making their own. use small pitta pockets, don't open them. layer on the tomato sauce and let the kids pick their own toppings. I have found that my children will add veggies on their own when asked to make the pizzas. add deli cold cuts and cheese and place in oven till done.

Slow-cooker recipes are all over the net. I love using mine. Here is a link to the Better Homes And Gardens website for slow cooker ideas and other recipes.

So what is for supper tonight?? I opted for a pack of Souvlaki marinated pork loin $12.00 at Costco for 6 pieces threw them into the slow cooker...did I mention I love my slow cooker? I added red,yellow,green peppers, baby carrots and green onions covered with lid and its cooking on high, it should be done in about 3 hours. I think I will be making rice as a side dish.

Oh, and the house smells yummy!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Countdown To Easter

Easter is just around the corner. I Love this time of year..well most of it, I could do without the smell of melting dog poop coming from my neighbours yard and my nine year old son jumping into every muddy puddle he sees. If I had a pair of rain boots I just might be tempted to join him..maybe.

I love the fact that I can take off some layers of if I could take of some layers of body fat I would be OK...but that will have to wait till after Easter...who can resist a chocolate bunny...not me!!

Here are a few items I found on Etsy that might get you into the Easter/Spring mood, Enjoy...;)

Easter Favour Boxes by Bellaflower on Etsy

Vintage animal button charm bracelete by Fluffington on Etsy

Vintage inspired dress by sweetgracies on Etsy

Bunny - Goats milk soap bar by soapopotamus on Etsy


Friday, March 12, 2010

Vintage Fashion Friday

This Friday, I present to you some Goodies from the Vintage section on Etsy
Here’s what I’m loving right now…

Vintage 50's Marilyn Monroe style bubble gum pink mini dress.

You can find this dress at BetaBoutique Etsy shop!

Vintage Lipstick Red Hot 50s Fifth Avenue Pumps

You can find these pumps at bigyellowtaxivintage Etsy shop!

60s Pantel Union Label dress

You can find this dress at craftytreasures Etsy shop!

50s Pink leather purse

You can find this purse at nine20nine Etsy shop!

There are many Vintage treasures to be found on Etsy...grab a coffee and sit back and enjoy the comfort of shopping at home!

Have a great weekend...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dear Pineapple...How I Love Thee

Mmmm… Pineapple! Great by itself, heaven on a pizza, and quite pretty on your kitchen table!

If you guessed that I love pineapple...well your right!!
But I just dont love any kind...I love fresh pineapple...sure the canned kind is OK on pizza but nothing beats having fresh juicy pineapple.

Did you know that the pineapple
is an edible tropical plant
. Also the name pineapple comes from their resemblance of the eh!

Pineapple is high in vitamin C and an vitamin B1

So go ahead and raise your glasses of pineapple juice and cheers to a healthy drink...;)

Smiles, Tina

Pineapple items on Etsy :

Left to Right:
1) Sugarwhipps Jumbo Sugar Scrub By: SugarcandieBeauty
Perfectly Pineapple Fruit Hat By: Knitrgal
3) Pineapple Palm Wax Pillar Candle By: WoodCraftsAndCandles
4) Pineapple Cupcake Hat By: knitwitwoolies

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

These are just a few of the many items that are on my wish list that can be found on Etsy.

From top - bottom, left - right

1) Crocheted cotton washcloth (3) and Bath puff By: MonikaDesign
2) Reversible Floral Apron By:
3) 1870s Jenny Stone & Kitty By: vintagegoodness
4) Holes Necklace By: TimothyAdamDesigns
Wallet or Clutch with 3 Black Owls on a Branch By: GetReadySetGO
Cosmo the Turtle By: kayescreations
3 Jeannette Jadite Measuring Cups By: jaditekate
Pleated Hobo Bag - Cherry Wallflower By: BagsByColette
Pyrex Crazy Daisy Vintage Loaf Pan By: MyGrandmasAttic
Vintage instant electric miracle pot By: Embersidhesgirly

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Well Here I am, Day one of the blogging world. I really am to tired to do anything let alone write a post for you all to read...;)

I have just spent the whole day trying to figure this blogspot thing out, so far so good...There is more that I would like to add, but I am still learning.

Over the next couple of days I will be having a giveaway...hoping to suck in some new readers....;)
Wait is that bad to bribe people...oh well...I fall for it all the time.

Anyways its really late here and I should be off to bed!

Smiles to my friends and friends to be!!