Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sick and Tired

I am so sick of this cold, it sure is hanging on this time. Nothing serious, just a plain old yucky cold. Hence why I have not found the time or energy to blog about anything. Actually I am kinda lacking in all areas, thank goodness my Etsy shop is a little slow right now...while everyone is out complaining I am just sitting here and enjoying the quite time...for now!
I really have not been a good twitter friend either, but I have popped in a couple of times a day to see whats up...;)

Here are a few items that I sure could use right about now:

Whipped Body Butter by Etsy Shop: Bragginrightsbath

Handknit Tissue Sock by Etsy Shop: HandmaidenBC

Migraine Headache Relief Set by Etsy Shop: Theferriswheels

All Natural Sinus Balm by Esty Shop: Opheliasapothecary




  1. I am so sorry to hear that you are sick. I hope you feel better real soon.


  2. what a lovely blog you have! thank you so so much for including our little apothecary....and hugs and blessings that you feel better soon! blessings, love, and light~ophelia