Monday, March 29, 2010

Do you have a green thumb?

Its that time of year again where my thumb starts to itch and turns green....well that just sounded silly. anyways, I really do get excited when planting season is just around the corner. I have a beautiful little garden in my backyard that I just cant wait to tend to. I find gardening very peaceful and rewarding...kinda like my own babies that I get to watch grow, fuss and care over. I love planting out doors during the warm summer days. I don't stop there, I also have an indoor herb garden, they are very easy to take care of and you can have fresh herbs all threw the winter months, plus they are a wonderful decoration as well.

Here are some items that I found browsing the Plants and edibles on Etsy:

Worlds Away-Kit by Etsy shop: Augury

Just Moss by Etsy shop: MissMossy

Garden Markers by Etsy shop: Monkeysalwayslook

Purple Cornflowers by Etsy shop: Azuredandelion

Japanese Bonsai by Etsy shop: Timtierney



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  1. What a wonderful collection! Thanks for including me. I'm just so happy spring is finally here!