Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Whats For Supper Mom?

Whats for supper tonight Mom? I look at my watch and think to myself...its only 7:30 am...how the heck should I know.

I don't mind cooking, I rather enjoy it. But I really wish they would of told me before getting married and having children that this would be a life long commitment of keeping my family happy with the meals I choose. Nothing sucks more than when your child tells you supper is gross, and when you look over at your husband for reassurance, he wont even look at you.

So I battle every day with the question "Whats for supper Mom" and my reply is Food or some days pooh on a stick...yes I really say that. I went with the make a menu thing and that lasted for 2 weeks...boring...everyday of the week was the same...blah.

So what do I do now....nothing! I stopped stressing about it all and started to get creative with the food I buy. You don't have to spend a fortune on a meal to feed a family of four...you just have to be creative in what you make.

For example: Nachos are a super-fast supper idea. Place a pile of tortilla chips in a shallow dish. cooked ground beef over top, add shredded cheese and place in oven till warm. Top with sour cream, if desired and don't forget the salsa!

Little Pizzas are so much fun to make, get the kids to help they will love making their own. use small pitta pockets, don't open them. layer on the tomato sauce and let the kids pick their own toppings. I have found that my children will add veggies on their own when asked to make the pizzas. add deli cold cuts and cheese and place in oven till done.

Slow-cooker recipes are all over the net. I love using mine. Here is a link to the Better Homes And Gardens website for slow cooker ideas and other recipes.

So what is for supper tonight?? I opted for a pack of Souvlaki marinated pork loin $12.00 at Costco for 6 pieces threw them into the slow cooker...did I mention I love my slow cooker? I added red,yellow,green peppers, baby carrots and green onions covered with lid and its cooking on high, it should be done in about 3 hours. I think I will be making rice as a side dish.

Oh, and the house smells yummy!


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